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"Painter in Wheelchair Gains a Following Using the City as his Canvas", New York News 1, Michael Scotto, October 11, 2017

"After a paralyzing accident and bad breakup, street artist lands a gallery show", New York Post,  Barbara Hoffman, Sept 13, 2017

Time Out NY, Sept 13, 2017

"New York Gallery Shows That You Need to (Somehow) See This September",, Sarah Cascone, Sept 7, 2017


“Interview with BD White & Sold Magazine! Issue 2 Release Party NYC” Street Art News, Matthew Eller, Apr 29, 2016

New Murals At Lisa Project’s LoMan Art Fair” 1xRun, Daniel Weintraub, Sept 2015

BD White and JPO Special Open Studio” The Source, Pologod, Sept 8, 2015

Artists Paint Lamp Posts in Little Italy” ABC News 7,  Sept 2015

Scratching the Surface: B.D. White” Animal New York, Aymann Ismail, July 14, 2015

A Street Artist Pushes Past his Disability” Levi Sharpe, Apr 2015

Word on the Street: An Interview with B.D. White” A Tribe of Our Own, Lee Alexander, Apr 22, 2015

Wilton native B.D. White finds success in New York City” Wilton Bulletin, Christopher Burns, Apr 16, 2015

Preview – B.D. White ‘Miles to Go’ A One Night Solo Exhibition” Street Art News, Matthew Eller, Apr 10, 2015

Talk Back Radio with  John McDonagh, Malachy McCourt and Corey Kilgannon, Apr 1, 2015

The Street-Level Artist” New York Times, Cory Kilganon, Mar 29, 2015

Interview: Brooklyn-Based Street Artist B.D. White” TokiDoki, Jacqueline Hadel, May 15, 2014

Revealed Street Artist B.D. White” Electrify Mag, Amanda Ho, Jan 30 2014

This Street Artist Dodges Cops and Landlords From a Wheelchair” Bedford+Bowery Ryan Porush, Nov 22, 2013

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