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Solo Exhibitions


"Reflections of Always" 319 Grand St, New York, October 30, 7-10pm. Runs through November 20



Recipient of 2018 Wynn Newhouse Award 


“Love, Loss and Longing” Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York, September

“Miles to Go” Anderson’s, New York, April

Public Art Projects


Saks 5th Avenue window display, curated by Good Luck Cleaners,

Phil Reese and Jeremy Penn. Feb 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising poster design, Universal Studios, 2018

NBA boots in collaboration with JPO and Hollenberg Brothers, 2018 

Drake mural for MTV Music Awards, 2016

Halsey & Asteralwerks Records commissioned portrait to

promote her show at Madison Square Garden, 2015

Group Exhibitions


Scope Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, December

4 World Trade Center, New York, April-July

World Trade Gallery, New York, April



“Sold Mag” Frost Gallery, New York, January

Midoma, New York, January

“Reign the Streets” Manhattan, New York March

“Haute Couture Fine Art” Manhattan, New York, April

“Sold Mag” Studio Kraut, New York, April

“First City Project: A Street Artist Collaboration” Glen Cove, New York, May

“The Kimmel Windows” NYU Kimmel Galleries, New York, June - September

“Art Basel” Fearless Artist Media Popup Gallery, Miami, December
“Open Studios” Williamsburg, New York, December
“Black Friday” Volavida Gallery, New York, November
“Colossal” Volavida Gallery, New York, November
Buzz Art Auction, Chicago, Illinois, November
212 Arts Gallery, New York, November
“Chapter One” Eden Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada, October
“Halsey’s Badlands Underground” New York, October
“Surplus Candy: LA” Los Angeles, California, October
“Open Studios” Williamsburg, New York, August
LoMan Arts Festival, New York, August
All City Art Expo, Brooklyn, New York, August
“Run Wild” Wall Works New York, Bronx, July
“Al Fresco Deeds” Frost Gallery, Brooklyn, New York July
Cluster Wall Pop Up Gallery, Manhattan, New York July
“Hanksy’s Best of the Worst” Manhattan, New York March

“Surplus Candy” Manhattan, New York, February
“Mannheim Show” Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany, February

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